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I am using a button for report abuse, clicking on which ajax call goes to controller and after inserting post as abused in database it is returning success. On successful response it is displaying on UI topic as abused. Now i want to send mails to admin about this. I have integrated mailer in controller, i.e. on success mailer code executes and mails are send to admin.

Now problem is that sending mails take too much time, so my ajax response time also increases. What I want is that mailer code should execute after controller sends its response, so that response time should decrease.


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A simple way to handle this is to create a Thread to handle the email. Simply do:

Thread.new do

Your controller action will continue and finish the Ajax response while the thread is separately handled. Keep in mind that if your mailer has extensive processing, then it will likely fail (and it won't any log errors as Threads are not logged) if still processing beyond the time to complete the main controller action. This will only happen in development as the classes are un-instantiated upon completion. To fix this, just change this in your development.rb:

config.cache_classes = true

You can also use a background job process, but for lighter loads, Threads work great and are easy to implement.

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have you tried using delayed_job?

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Almost finished writing the same :) – Kashyap Aug 8 '12 at 5:38

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