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I have a following DataFrame:

from pandas import *
df = DataFrame({'foo':['a','b','c'], 'bar':[1, 2, 3]})

It looks like this:

    bar foo
0    1   a
1    2   b
2    3   c

Now I want to have something like:

0    1 is a
1    2 is b
2    3 is c

How can I achieve this? I tried the following:

df['foo'] = '%s is %s' % (df['bar'], df['foo'])

but it gives me a wrong result:

>>>print df.ix[0]

bar                                                    a
foo    0    a
1    b
2    c
Name: bar is 0    1
1    2
Name: 0

Sorry for a dumb question, but this one pandas: combine two columns in a DataFrame wasn't helpful for me.

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df['bar'] = + " is " +

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The problem in your code is that you want to apply the operation on every row. The way you've written it though takes the whole 'bar' and 'foo' columns, converts them to strings and gives you back one big string. You can write it like:

df.apply(lambda x:'%s is %s' % (x['bar'],x['foo']),axis=1)

It's longer than the other answer but is more generic (can be used with values that are not strings).

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You could also use

df['bar'] = df['bar']['foo'].values.astype(str), sep=' is ')
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