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I'm use the RTSP client in Live555 to receive the H264 stream and decode it for processing (in DummySink where in live555/testProgs/testRTSPClient.cpp), and now I wanna create an RTSP server to transport the stream that add the metadata(processed result from video analyzer), how to use RTSP server to transport the h264 frame buffer received from DummySink ?

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Not 100% clear on your question. Live555 can act as both a RTSP client and as a server. So if you have a file stored, liveMedia555server which can serve files as a RTSP server. If you want your own combination of Audio and Video take a look at testOnDemandRTSPServer.cpp which you should be able to enhance to create your own server –  av501 Aug 8 '12 at 19:38
I create an RTSP client to receive h.264 stream based on testRTSPClient.cpp in testProgs. the class DummySink->afterGettingFrame(), the member variable fReceiveBuffer is the encoded h.264 buffer, but I wanna create an RTSP server here, to transport the stream again.(the stream that add the metadata) –  Kang Aug 9 '12 at 1:26

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