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I am triggering a parametrized Jenkins job remotely using the Remote Access API like this:

json="{\"parameter\": [{\"name\": \"A_NAME\", \"value\": \"a_value\"}]}"
curl -X POST $url -d token=zorn --data-urlencode json="$json"

I want Jenkins to use the configured default value for one of my parameters, but it seems to be expecting values for all of the parameters.

If I leave out a parameter, the job sees it as an empty string.

Is there a way to make it use the configured default value for a parameter?

EDIT: The solution (as per Daniel S.) was to use buildWithParameters as follows:

curl -s -X POST $url

ANOTHER EDIT: But now the problem is that buildWithParameters does not work on a job with no parameters. So it cannot be used for a generic script to start all my jobs.

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Try to use buildWithParameters instead of build, i.e. http://<ci-host>/job/<jobname>/buildWithParameters.

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Complications ensue with security / authorization in place. You can read some good pointers in this answer. – Patrice M. Aug 1 '13 at 17:40

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