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I just started creating android apps, but i have a problem changing the layout, every time when i create new android project , it gives me RelativeLayout instead of LinearLayout, (well, basically i am following the book instruction, but it doesn't teach me how to change it) I assume there must be a default setting so that i can change the Relativelayout to LinearLayout .

<RelativeLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
android:layout_height="match_parent" >

    tools:context=".MainActivity" />

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To change the Parent of your layout XML file follow these steps:

  • Right click your layout folder in res folder from project folder in eclipse. (<project-folder/res/layout>)
  • Choose option New -> Other.... Refer picture: select layout folder
  • Choose Android Layout XML file option from here. enter image description here
  • Press Next and select LinearLayout as Root Element and give File Name. Press Finishenter image description here
  • Now your Layout XML has the root element as LinearLayout
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Replace the following tags :

    ... >


by those :

    ... >


In addition, you should remove the following from your TextView attributes :


because they apply for the relative layout and not the linear layout.

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If you are using Eclipse, just: Rigth click, change layout and select the layout of your choice.

Img example:

enter image description here

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All the other answers were also correct, and it is true that an easier way is to just change the text in the xml directly, but this is what I was looking for - how to do it the "eclipse" way. Thanks. –  Noam Gal Oct 11 '13 at 10:33
@RainwalkerJake do you know if there is a similar feature in Android Studio? The default seems to always be Relative Layout and I never realise until it's to late, and hate there is no easy way to just change to Linear like there is in Eclipse. –  WORMSS Mar 4 at 11:12

You just need to change this tag <RelativeLayout ...> with <LinearLayout ...> , and don't forget to close it with same Layout

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When you create new XML file at that time you can assign layout to it.But when you create new project at that time you can not change layout you have to change it after creation of project.So go to .xml tab in XML file there you can edit layout. Hope this helps.

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