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I have a Flexislider that I would like to control from outside the element. I tried this:

var myslider = $('.slider').flexslider({
    animation: 'slide'

$('button').click(function () {
    myslider.flexAnimate(3)    //Function: Move slider - (target, pause) parameters

But that returns TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'flexAnimate'

Then I stumbled upon this thread (https://github.com/woothemes/FlexSlider/issues/125) which indicates this is the proper method:

$('button').click(function () {

However I don't see how I can specify the speed of the animation. I want the change to be instant for that event only.

I guess I'm wondering how one accesses the slider API as mentioned in the docs from outside the slider element

slider                        //Object: The slider element itself
slider.container              //Object: The ul.slides within the slider
slider.slides                 //Object: The slides of the slider
slider.count                  //Int: The total number of slides in the slider
slider.currentSlide           //Int: The slide currently being shown
slider.animatingTo            //Int: Useful in .before(), the slide currently animating to
slider.animating              //Boolean: is slider animating?
slider.atEnd                  //Boolean: is the slider at either end?
slider.manualPause            //Boolean: force slider to stay paused during pauseOnHover event
slider.controlNav             //Object: The slider controlNav
slider.directionNav           //Object: The slider directionNav
slider.controlsContainer      //Object: The controlsContainer element of the slider
slider.manualControls         //Object: The manualControls element of the slider
slider.flexAnimate(target)    //Function: Move slider - (target, pause) parameters
slider.pause()                //Function: Pause slider slideshow interval
slider.resume()               //Function: Resume slider slideshow interval
slider.canAdvance(target)     //Function: returns boolean if slider can advance - (target) parameter
slider.getTarget(dir)         //Function: get target given a direction - "next" or "prev" parameter
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You can access the slider object like this:

var exampleSlider = $('#slider').data('flexslider');
// now you can access all the methods for example flexAnimate

As mentioned above you can find this in the API description at https://github.com/woothemes/FlexSlider.

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where is the documentation for flexAnimate ? I can't seem to find that in the github repo –  climboid Jul 24 at 1:01

With the latest (2.1) version of Flexslider you can utilise the external api like so:

$('button').click(function () {

Full details on the API are at https://github.com/woothemes/FlexSlider#updates

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Yes. That works but I want the change to be instant (no slide transition). I'm using this function to launch the slider in a lightbox and the user is clicking on a tumbnail of the image so when the lightbox opens, I dont want the slider to be in mid transition. However, when I'm navigating in the slider, I want the transition effect. Is this possible? –  Sebastien Aug 13 '12 at 8:40

This one worked for me:

        animation: "slide",
        controlNav: false,
        animationLoop: false,
        slideshow: false,
        start: function(){
            $('#sliderNext').on('click', function(e){
            $('#sliderPrev').on('click', function(e){
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Nobody has answered the main question yet: how to start flexslider in lightbox on a specific slide without animation, but then later have animation between slides. I've solved that problem like this:

Before opening lightbox (using lightbox callback) I set animation speed of flexslider to 0:

self.$slider.data('flexslider').vars.animationSpeed = 0;

After opening lightbox (using lightbox callback) I change flexslider index and return previous value of animation speed:

self.$slider.data('flexslider').vars.animationSpeed = 600; 
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