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I have an Oracle table called sites where there are multiple records for the same name. For Eg.:

 Owner Name          Contact Name            Owner Address  Contact Address    
        A                  A                   XYZ                 SDF
        A                  D                   ABC                 JKL
        B                  E                   QWE                 YUR
        B                  F                   JKL                 SFD
        C                  C                   ZXC                 ASD  
        B                  G                   BNM                 SAD

My SQL query should return

A1           XYZ
A2           ABC
A3           SDF
B1           QWE
B2           JKL 
B3           BNM
C1           ZXC
C2           ASD
D            JKL
E            YUR
F            SFD
G            SAD

Could someone help me write such a query.Ideally, I wouldn't like a number suffix with single records but if it simplifies the query I could do with that too.

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What have you tried? –  hims056 Aug 8 '12 at 7:19

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You can use union to create what you want:

with the_data as ( 
  select owner_name as name, owner_address as address
    from my_table
   union all
  select contact_name as name, contact_address as address
    from my_table
select name 
        || case when count(*) over ( partition by name ) = 1 then ''
                else to_char(row_number() over ( partition by name 
                                                     order by address ))
     , address
  from the_data

If you only want distinct address, contact combinations change the union all to union. Here it is in SQL Fiddle form.

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