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I have a list view that shows contacts- name and number are the columns. I have another listview that shows messages- phone number (from where the message is received), message being the columns. Now when I populate my message listview, I want to compare the phone number column with the contact list number column and then replace the message listview's number column with the contact name if there is a match.

Is this possible? Please provide solutions.

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See if this can help you:

           if (messagelist.Items.Count > 0)
                for (int i = 0; i < messagelist.Items.Count; i++)
                    string mnum = messagelist.Items[i].Text;

                    for (int j = 0; j < contactlist.Items.Count; j++)
                        if (contactlist.Items[j].SubItems[1].Text == mnum)
                            messagelist.Items[i].Text = contactlist.Items[j].Text;


I assumed that the contactlist has number in its 2nd column.

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I would first join the two lists on number/phone number:

var matchingList = (from c in ContactList
                    join m in MessageList on c.Number equals m.PhoneNumber
                    select new {ContactName = c.Name
                              , ContactNumber = c.Number
                              , Message = m.Message
                              , PhoneNumber = m.PhoneNumber } );

Now you have a list of all matching Contact.Number and Message.PhoneNumber.

Now you can loop through the items and set the Name:

MessageList.Foreach( x => 
    var matchedItem = matchingList.FirstOrDefault( y => y.Massage == x.Message && y.PhoneNumber == x.PhoneNumber);

    if(matchedItem != null)
        x.PhoneNumber = matchedItem.Name

NOTE: Not tested. Just something to work off.

Hope this helps.

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