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How do I add a class an element on a container with a certain index?

I'm trying this right now which should affect the first element (doesn't work anyway)

$('#resultsBox li:first-child').addClass('aaaa');

But I want to be able to change class of any element in it's container having the index.

EG if I want to modify element with index = 2.

<div id="resultsBox">

Should become:

<div id="resultsBox">
<li></li> // Index 0
<li></li> // Index 1
<li class="selected"></li> // Index 2
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Use :first selector:

$('#resultsBox li:first').addClass('aaaa');

and for the third element selection, you can use each() method: Here is jsFiddle.

$('ul li').each(function(i) {
    if ( i === 2 ) {

or you can do this with eq method like Jamiec & MrThys mentioned: but each method will be much usefull when things getting complicated.

$('#resultsBox li').eq(2).addClass('aaaa');
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The cleanest way of achieving this would be:

$('#resultsBox li').eq(2).addClass('selected');

Documentation on the .eq method can be found here:

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Use the :first selector, or the :nth-child selector. I mention the :nth-child selector simply in case you want to add classes to anything other than the first. You can also use :nth-child in plain CSS without javascript if you want

$("#resultBox li:nth-child(1)").addClass('aaa');
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eq selector

$('#resultsBox li:eq(2)').addClass('aaaa');

or eq function

$('#resultsBox li').eq(2).addClass('aaaa');
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It would be more efficient to use the .eq() method, since the selector is a jQuery extension and not part of CSS. – James Allardice Aug 8 '12 at 7:18

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