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I'm writing a FTPS-Framework. The user (programmer that uses my framework) should can download a file async (in another Thread). So, my big problem is, that the programmer cannot handle the Exceptions throwed inside the DownloadFile-Method in the transfer-Thread: - When I demand an AsyncCallback for telling the program that the download transfer is finish, how can "he" handling Exceptions (from his Thread)?
- The BackgroundWorker has the same problem, furthermore the programmer have to give me a RunWorkerCompletedEventHandler(object, RunWorkerCompletedEventArgs)


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There have been two options for exposing an async API since .NET 2.0:

The Asynchronous Programming Model - favoured for more backend / library code.

The Event-based Asynchronous Pattern - favoured when your code will be used in a UI.

In .NET 4, you now also have the "Task-based Asynchronous Pattern" ( TAP ):

Simplify Asynchronous Programming with Tasks

If you can, I would choose the TAP - it is the best of the three and solves problems like exception handling.

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Thank you! Thats it, but I have to learn this materia, it seems so complex... –  Luca Nate Mahler Aug 8 '12 at 8:38
You're welcome. Have you read Joe Albahari's free ebook? –  Nicholas Butler Aug 8 '12 at 8:47
In many articles is written that an Exception will be rethrown when I use the EndInvoke-method. But my DownloadFile-method don't wait, is throws the Exception in the Thread that I can't control and global Exception is a bad idea in this case. I thought the Exception can "wait" until I call EndInvoke an throws it there ??? –  Luca Nate Mahler Aug 8 '12 at 11:33

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