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This is a snippet of the LIST ftp's cmd:

count = file_list("./", &files);
if((fp_list = fopen("listfiles.txt", "w")) == NULL){
  perror("Impossibile aprire il file per la scrittura LIST");
  onexit(newsockd, sockd, 0, 2);
for(i=0; i < count; i++){
  if(strcmp(files[i], "DIR ..") == 0 || strcmp(files[i], "DIR .") == 0) continue;
    fprintf(fp_list, "%s\n", files[i]);
if((fpl = open("listfiles.txt", O_RDONLY)) < 0){
  perror("open file with open");
  onexit(newsockd, sockd, 0, 2);
if(fstat(fpl, &fileStat) < 0){
  perror("Errore fstat");
  onexit(newsockd, sockd, fpl, 3);
fsize = fileStat.st_size;
if(send(newsockd, &fsize, sizeof(fsize), 0) < 0){
  perror("Errore durante l'invio grande file list");
  onexit(newsockd, sockd, fpl, 3);
rc_list = sendfile(newsockd, fpl, &offset_list, fileStat.st_size);
if(rc_list == -1){
  perror("Invio file list non riuscito");
  onexit(newsockd, sockd, fpl, 3);
if((uint32_t)rc_list != fsize){
  fprintf(stderr, "Error: transfer incomplete: %d di %d bytes inviati\n", rc_list, (int)fileStat.st_size);
  onexit(newsockd, sockd, fpl, 3);
if(remove( "listfiles.txt" ) == -1 ){
  perror("errore cancellazione file");
  onexit(newsockd, sockd, 0, 2);

wher &files is declared as char **files and the function list_files is a function written by me that isn't relevant for my problem.
My problem: the first time LIST cmd it's called it works properly but if i call LIST another time it always give me "error, transfer incomplete" i don't understand why...

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Is the "error, transfer incomplete" message seen from the code you posted in your question? When in that case? Otherwise, what does the code in the question report? –  Joachim Pileborg Aug 8 '12 at 8:02
yes, it is what i've posted into the question :) it give me an error when the sendfile function doesn't send all the file... –  polslinux Aug 8 '12 at 8:38
What is offset_list and how do you initialize it? Remember that if sendfile can't send everything then it will return a value less than the requested size, and you will have to adjust the size and try again. –  Joachim Pileborg Aug 8 '12 at 8:45
offset_list is initialized with offset_t...so i have to do this? send: if((uint32_t)rc_list != fsize){ fprintf(stderr, "Error: transfer incomplete: %d di %d bytes inviati\n", rc_list, (int)fileStat.st_size); goto send; } –  polslinux Aug 8 '12 at 8:51

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The sendfile function may not send all data in one call, in which case it will return a number less than requested. You treat this as an error, but instead you should try again. One way is to use a loop similar to this:

off_t offset = 0;
for (size_t size_to_send = fsize; size_to_send > 0; )
    ssize_t sent = sendfile(newsockd, fpl, &offset, size_to_send);
    if (sent <= 0)
        if (sent != 0)

    offset += sent;
    size_to_send -= sent;
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oh thanks :) i've posted my answer without see yours! However i've found my problem but your solution is better :) –  polslinux Aug 8 '12 at 9:02
but if sent is <= 0 i have to exit and close the socket...why you do only a break?? –  polslinux Aug 8 '12 at 9:23
@polslinux You can do whatever you want in your code. The break is just an example. –  Joachim Pileborg Aug 8 '12 at 9:24

I've found my problem.
When i call sendfile multiple times the variable off_t offset_list; remains "dirty".
If a call sendfile the 1st time offest_list will have a value that won't be deleted the 2nd time i call that function.
So if i have to write offset_list = 0; before rc_list = sendfile(newsockd, fpl, &offset_list, fileStat.st_size); and all work!

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