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In my web application , I need to give access only to the users who are accessing my application from India. I need to block the users from accessing my application when they try to access outside India.(i.e., I willnot allow them to login and will show an error pop-up) Can anyone please tell if this is possible?

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Add a Filter which checks for requests and

String ip = request.getRemoteAddress();

Use hostip service api to check for location

For example


This will give you country code IN

If you don't get IN then from Filter


otherwise allow request

chain.doFilter(request, wrapper);


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Note that this approach only detects the country where the user connects to the internet. Business users accessing the Internet via a VPN that proxies their Internet connection through the head office in another country will be detected as coming from that country, not the country that they are located in. –  SHC Sep 25 '12 at 6:05

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