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I would like to use SiteCatalyst and jQuery to count the number of clicks on a button. I have been given en event (event98) to use for the collection of clicks. I found this snippet:

<script type="text/javascript">
    $('#btn').live("click", function(){
    s.t(this,'o','My title')

The button looks like this:

<input id="btn" type="button" value="Submit" />

but somehow I don't get any clicks in my report. (I did change myRSID to the correct id when testing.)

Is the above code correct for tracking button clicks?

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I believe that you want to use (notice the s.tl rather than s.t)

s.tl(this,'o','My title')

There is a nice set of articles I found about this aspect as I was looking into this myself http://www.marketingoptimizations.com/adobe-sitecatalyst-s-tl-pros-and-cons/

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your problem could be that you do not populate the variables s.trackingServer s.trackingServerSecure s.dc

If you create a new s object in the event listener you should populate them with the correct value (you can find them in the s_code.js).

The 3 variables are used to decide to which datacenter send the call, if the datacenter is wrong the call is just lost.

Bye, Claudio.

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