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i am storing some downloaded files in NSDocumentDirectory and i need to mark those files as "do not backup".

here is the code i have given

- (BOOL)addSkipBackupAttributeToItemAtURL:(NSURL *)URL1
       if (&NSURLIsExcludedFromBackupKey == nil) { // iOS <= 5.0.1
       const char* filePath = [[URL1 path] fileSystemRepresentation];

       const char* attrName = "com.apple.MobileBackup";
       u_int8_t attrValue = 1;

      int result = setxattr(filePath, attrName, &attrValue, sizeof(attrValue), 0, 0);
      return result == 0;
     } else { // iOS >= 5.1
                NSError *error = nil;
               [URL1 setResourceValue:[NSNumber numberWithBool:YES] forKey:NSURLIsExcludedFromBackupKey error:&error];

               return error == nil;

littile bit confused about which url should given for ths method? downloading url or the downloaded file path url? can i use like

  NSArray *paths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES);

  NSString *documentsDirectoryPath = [[paths objectAtIndex:0]stringByAppendingPathComponent:@"MdMus.mp3"];
  [receivedData writeToFile:documentsDirectoryPath atomically:YES];

need to use this one

     NSURL *url=[NSURL fileURLWithPath:documentsDirectoryPath];  
   [self addSkipBackupAttributeToItemAtURL:url];

or this

     [self addSkipBackupAttributeToItemAtURL:DownloadingURL];

need help

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It should be the first url, because it states that files won't backup from that folder through iCloud. I can't answer this with good references, as i've not used skip backup before. So writing it as a comment. But i'm pretty sure it is the url got from documentdirectory. –  iNoob Aug 8 '12 at 8:39
definetly it should be url as it states check this –  Paresh Navadiya Aug 8 '12 at 8:45
@iNoob thankyou, let me check –  Vishnu Raj Aug 8 '12 at 9:27

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if you want filesharing all user-data(in DocumentDirectory all data) prevent backup. refer a following code.

- (void)addAttributeToAllFolder
    NSArray *paths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES);
    NSString *documentsPath = ([paths count] > 0) ? [paths objectAtIndex:0] : nil;
    NSArray *dirContents = [[NSFileManager defaultManager] contentsOfDirectoryAtPath:documentsPath error:nil];

    for (int i =0; i < [dirContents count]; i++) {
        NSURL *url = [NSURL fileURLWithPath:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@/%@",documentsPath,[dirContents objectAtIndex:i]]];
        //this is your method (addSkipBackupAttributeToItemAtURL:)
        if ([self addSkipBackupAttributeToItemAtURL:url]) {
            NSLog(@"success! could add do not backup attribute to folder");
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my code sets the flag for each file i think? am i right? –  Vishnu Raj Aug 8 '12 at 9:27
yeah right. Finally, please check the console using a NSLog. Url of your form will look like the following. (/var/mobile/Applications/AB36DF05-A13C-4DC4-8F29-E854050410C8/Documents/blahbla‌​h.mp3) –  bitmapdata.com Aug 8 '12 at 9:39

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