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In an image I want to detect only the body and face regardless of the background because I need to blur the person who is in the picture and not the remaining image.

(If possible can anyone tell using core image filters)

Please guide me

Thanks in Advance.

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I have a bad news for you: the CIZoomBlur filter is not available in iOS but OSX only, therefore you cannot use this filter on iPhone or iPad. – holex Aug 8 '12 at 9:00
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After ios5.1, using a CIDetector and CIFaceFeature class can be easily face recognition. refer a this tutorial: tutorial-easy-face-detection

if you want ios5.1 before check the this apple sample code: Square CAM

Body recognition, is you will need to use opencv library. Does not yet support by apple. check out this pdf. this pdf also have a contents that how to opencv build for iphone. It will help you a lot.: face detection with openCV

If you are successful in face, body recognition by image. get a face and body bounds. face and body image cropping and copy after Blur the entire image then paste it back into bounds, you seem to be.

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It seems you are looking for a facial detection software - this question may help: Face recognition Library

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