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I am developing a h264 encoder in ActionScript and I am totally new to video encoding. Its been a month and a half but still seem to have a lot of questions unanswered. The requirements for the encoder is that it should perform loss-less encoding. So I chose the high profile 100 (since high profile has loss less support) and level 2.2 (with no constraints). When I am trying to run my output file (with one frame of size 16x16 predicted using Intra_16x16 DC mode and coded using CAVLC) in vlc, it crashes saying 'avc: nal size 629688849 no frame!' in the console debug output.

I need to get a running file (output by my code) ASAP (coz its urgent). Now here are a few queries and requests: 1. Could I get a sample of values to simply make a h264 file work ( maybe hardcode the sps and pps values and the slice and macroblock values)

  1. If I have my SPS and PPS in the avcc box, should they be prefixed by the nal unit header and suffixed by the RBSP trailing bits? Should they again be present in the codestream? (I have not inserted them again in the code stream). Should I prefix the nal units with the start code and if yes, what shall it be? (Coz the standard's part 15 states that it should bot be present. Please correct me if I am wrong

  2. In cavlc, since I am using loss less coding and hence not using transformation and quantization, the number of non zero coefficients is coming out to be 16. Now to encode total number of zeroes, the table for it does not seem to have an entry for 0 zeroes and 16 non zero coefficients. Now, I know it is a trivial case but then should I totally skip encoding the total number of zeroes? or insert a zero bit instead of it.

  3. Can I get a reference to an application that can parse a codestream to show its components. And if there's a way to validate the CAVLC output. I have validated them against the samples available online. It works. But those had atleast 1 zero coefficient. Now, my output has no nonzero coefficients, most of the time. I have not encoded the total zeroes in those cases.

  4. In cavlc, should I still be using a field scan even if there's no quantization and transformation performed or should I use raster scan?

  5. Can the codestream be inserted directly inside the mdat box just after the 'mdat' identifier? or should it be preceded by something else?

I know it is a lot of questions but I really need to get this done fast. These questions I do not find answers to directly anywhere and hence STACKOVERFLOW... :)

EDIT: Ans 2: SPS and PPS in avcc box have nal unit header and rbsp trailing bits. They dont need to be present in codestream again.

Ans 6: Codestream can be inserted directly inside the mdat box just after the 'mdat' identifier.

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Wow... good luck with all of this :) Is there a reason you can't use the h.264 encoding built into flash player 11? – Justin Beckwith Aug 11 '12 at 8:03
I really need that luck :)... well, I have the images extracted on the client side and need to transfer a video created out of that to the server. So basically I need to encode the images to video in the browser. I don't need to play it but encode it and send it to the server. – suchitra nair Aug 11 '12 at 12:09

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