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I need to transfer my mysql DB from windows server to Ubuntu server. So i made export in phpmyadmin on win and imported *.sql file in linux. In linux PMA all looks okay, tables are healthy, no errors, and charter set is (cp1251), russian data in tables looks how it needed. But when i try to run select in php script there is only "???????" in result, and echo mysql_client_encoding() showing that charset is latin1. Please, tell me where is latin1 can be seted? Thanks for help.

UPD: I am using now mysql_set_charset('cp1251'); after each db connection, but its not an pefect solution. Maybe someone can offer other idea?

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Why is it not perfect solution? –  N.B. Aug 8 '12 at 13:38
i think it must be an database solution. its hard to use mysql_set_charset('cp1251') in each page. anyway, I'm using mysql_query('SET NAMES cp1251') now. –  Sergii Rechmp Sep 7 '12 at 9:33

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