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I've a SSRS report consisting of a table control. Table has three columns (X, Y, Z) and is populating with data from a database stored procedure. In table footer, I'm displaying sum of column Z using formula =Sum(Fields!Z.Value). The table footer is shown only on last page not on each page. Now I've to show sum of column Z page wise. i.e. if report is consisting of 4 pages and each page except the last has 25 rows and last page has 20 page, then I've to show sum of column Z for page 1 at the table footer, sum of column Z for page 2 at the table footer and so on ...

I can show table footer on each page but unable to calculate sum of column Z for each page.

Can any one help me in this regards?

Regards, Bablu.

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Samir, can you explain you question more clearly? Do you need to show sum of Z only at last page? –  Chepene Aug 8 '12 at 14:06

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If you want to show your footer only on last page, you should set the visibility of footer's textBox in proper way.

1. Add TextBox to footer.
2. TextBox Properties -> Visibility -> Show or hide based on expression:

=IIF(Globals!PageNumber = Globals!TotalPages, False, True)

3. In TextBox's Expression write:

=Sum(Fields!Z.Value, "YourDataSet")
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