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I am making asp.net site using Layered architecture. Can I implement and use Data-Set object in presentation layer?

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I simple layered architecture might have:

Datasets being populated in the DAL

Business Entities / Domain objects in the 'BLL' are populated from the DAL Datasets

The presentation objects are pretty simple data transfer objects that match whatever is being presented.

Obviously there is a bit more to it than this.

Pluralsight have just released a course that might be worth your time?

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Data Access Layer and Business Logic Layer is better place for it. To get more insight try Creating a DAL and Creating a BLL.

Obviously You can use it, but layered architecture is all about separating layers.

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For interacting with database, you should use Data Access Layer.

You can have a look the aim of data access layer.

What is the purpose of a Data Access Layer?

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