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Are there a way to insert a SelectListItem at the begining of a SelectList without creating a new list. Don't like the idea to iterate list if not nessary!

Edit: Need to clarify, MySelectList is of Object SelectList, Not List or Enumerate. (else it would be ez)

Something like: (This doesen't work)

SelectList MySelectList = new SelectList(SomeList, "Value", "Text");

MySelectList.Insert(0, new SelectListItem() { Text = "", Value = "" }); 

Instead of:

SelectList MySelectList = new SelectList(SomeList, "Value", "Text");

MySelectList.ToList().Insert(0, new SelectListItem() { Text = "", Value = "" });
MySelectedList = new SelectList(MySelectList, "Value", "Text");
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Have you tried your first option? It will work. Read this – Nikhil Agrawal Aug 8 '12 at 9:18
Sorry, not that I asked for, but if it was a list it would have helped. I thought to my self that if I name it MySelectList ppl would know it's of Type SelectList. Sorry my mistake! – hellur Aug 8 '12 at 10:02

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