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I'm building some monitoring tooling around NServiceBus, at the moment i'm subscribing to a few events on the ITransport interface:

ITransport Events:

When subscribing to the TransportMessageReceived event I get a reference to the current message in the event args. However when the FinishedMessageProcessing event is raised it doesn't seem to contain a reference to the message that was completed. This is true for the FailedMessageProcessing event which contains the Exception but not the message that caused the exception.

I was wondering if there is some way to get a reference to the message when the FailedMessageProcessing and FinishedMessageProcessing events are raised


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For failed messages, you can implement the following interface to get a reference to the message:

 public interface IManageMessageFailures
    void SerializationFailedForMessage(TransportMessage message, Exception e);

    void ProcessingAlwaysFailsForMessage(TransportMessage message, Exception e);

    void Init(Address address);


Please note that if you use this, then you won't be able to use Second Level Retries out of the box.

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