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I am working on SQL Server 2008, and wanted to know about what is the differnce between Cartesian Product and Cross Join. Can somebody please help me to clear the concept?

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You mean cartesian product? It is the same as cross join. –  sventevit Aug 8 '12 at 9:24

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When you do Cross join you will get cartesian product. Each row in the first table is matched with every row in the second table

enter image description here

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Have a look at the following article

SQL SERVER – Introduction to JOINs – Basic of JOINs

Specifically at the section CROSS JOIN

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Wikipedia got more than enough details on this (with examples)


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Both the joins give same result.Cross join is SQL 99 join and Cartesian product is Oracle Propreitary join.

A cross join that does not have a 'where' clause gives the casterian product. Casterian product resultset contains no of rows in first table multiplied by no of rows in second table.

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This join is a Cartesian join that does not necessitate any condition to join. The resultset contains records that are multiplication of record number from both the tables.

cross join

SELECT t1.*,t2.*
FROM Table1 t1
CROSS JOIN Table2 t2

SQL SERVER – Introduction to JOINs – Basic of JOINs

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