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How to handle large scale of anti virus testing on large scale of machines.What is the best simple way to handle large anti viruses testing on different virtual machines. Is there an open source tool that can manage such large matrix. Is it possible to handle it with XLS sheets. Any body had an examples.


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I remember reading a blog post about this (probably from Mcfee or Karspesky) and they had a VMWare infrastructure where they had different images with permutations of different configs. Then they had some automation to install a specific version of the AV and test it be running other apps. I can remember that they didn't disclose a lot of how-to information. – Augusto Aug 8 '12 at 9:43

While it is extremely hard to identify viruses directly on the VMs, you could identify potentially infected VMs by monitoring the traffic on your network.

Worms spread trough machines by scanning the network (random probing) and identifying other vulnerable machines. This mechanism will often lead to alot of failed connection, redundant traffic and traffic targeting certain vulnerable port.

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Thanks on the detailed answer, I was referring to testing anti virus on virtual machine in our QA cycles. – Eldad Cohen Sep 22 '12 at 4:11

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