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--- I want to develop such app which is going to transfer data between android mobile and PC (windows 7). There will my software clients on both android mobile and PC. --- Is this possible? I mean my there will be a software on android written in java and also on PC written in VB.NET . Are these java and VB.NET are possible to use together? (android and PC are connected via USB)

---Android app is going to send the data and PC s/w will receive it AND vice versa.

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You might want to solve this by communicating over a network interface and use REST or another web service and communicate over a standard data structure such as JSON or XML, which both languages - VB.NET and Java - understand.

Don't know about the communication via USB.

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You can use a SOAP web service for VB.net and KSOPA2.jar for your android project.

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I want to transfer data in speed. Over the network it will be slower. –  Vijay Jadhav Aug 8 '12 at 12:11

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