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As part of database testing, we are to verify if the data is correctly rendered onto the webpage from database.

We have a table called 'emp_details' which stores employee details. We store joining date of an employee in it. Now, using this joining date field, I need to get a list all the employees who have a start date or anniversary date within the last ten days.

I tried various combinations of DATEDIFF() in MySQL but did not succeed.

The format on the webpage would look like this:

Name       Start Date        Years
William    07/25/2004          8
Gordon     07/22/2007          5
Jill       07/26/2009          3

Could anyone please help me with the query for MySQL DB.


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select * from 
employees where 
    dayofyear(`start date`) between dayofyear(curdate())-10 and dayofyear(curdate())
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Thanks Podiluska. It worked fine. I have modified it to get the count of years: select Name,start_date, year(curdate())-year(start_date) as No_Of_Years from emp where dayofyear(start_date) between dayofyear(curdate())-10 and dayofyear(curdate()) –  user1244546 Aug 16 '12 at 10:58

You can use following in WHERE clause

DAYOFYEAR(CURDATE()) - DAYOFYEAR(start_date) < 10 

OR is greater than (365 - 10)

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