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So, I have a movieclip named "LoginScreen" with a instance inside called "confirmbutton".

I want to add the LoginScreen to stage and set a event listener to the button inside it, but I keep getting an error.

This is my code:

var LoginScreen:loginscreen = new loginscreen;
LoginScreen.x = stage.stageWidth / 2;
LoginScreen.y = stage.stageHeight / 2;

LoginScreen.confirmbutton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, test);

function test(e:MouseEvent):void{

I get the error:

Symbol 'LoginScreen'    1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: confirmbutton.

I'm pretty sure it exists and its named properly (has that exact name without caps), so I'm guessing its probably a scope problem.

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Are you sure that loginscreen is MovieClip? Maybe it is Graphic or Button? –  Fox in socks Aug 8 '12 at 10:30
Both are MovieClips. I only do movieclips for basically everything, for extra flexibility with actionscript. –  FoxLift Aug 8 '12 at 10:37
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Try using a helper gettter function for getting the inner MovieClip. So where you defined the LoginScreen class put a simple getter function like this one:

public function get ConfirmButton():MovieClip { return this.getChildByName("confirmButton") as MovieClip; }

Then you can access that MovieClip from the LoginScreen object like this:

LoginScreen.ConfirmButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, test);
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Figured it out. Renamed the button to "confirmButton" (capital "B") and started working. I guess the problem was that the "confirmbutton" was also the AS Linkage of the movieclip.

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That's why you MUST always name linkages and classes with First capital letter. –  Gio Aug 8 '12 at 11:23
Whoops. I usually do them exactly the other way around. AS linkage in small letters, and MovieClips in Capitalized first letters. –  FoxLift Aug 8 '12 at 11:37
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