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I'm currently using Apple's KeychainWrapper to store a single username and password, but i'd like to add the functionality of being able to login to different accounts, and switching between them in my app.

Is it a matter of storing identifiers for different keychains in a plist, and then re-initializing the keychain each time I want to change account? or is there a better approach to this? maybe a NSMutableArray of keychains?

Thanks, Nick.

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I suggest you to check the open source SFHFKeychainUtils class.

It is extremely simple, you just need to call one method to add (or update):

+ (BOOL) storeUsername: (NSString *) username andPassword: (NSString *) password forServiceName: (NSString *) serviceName updateExisting: (BOOL) updateExisting error: (NSError **) error;

...one method to get the stored password:

+ (NSString *) getPasswordForUsername: (NSString *) username andServiceName: (NSString *) serviceName error: (NSError **) error;

...and one method to delete:

+ (BOOL) deleteItemForUsername: (NSString *) username andServiceName: (NSString *) serviceName error: (NSError **) error;

It is available in GitHub. You just need to drag and drop the classes and import the Security framework to your project.

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Thanks a bunch, i'll check this out! The site says SFHFKeychainUtils is deprecated, should I be using github.com/ldandersen/STUtils/blob/master/Security instead? –  Nick Triantafillou Aug 8 '12 at 10:57
If they say it's deprecated, so indeed would be good to start with this one you linked, Nick. Don't forget to vote up if it helped and/or accept the answer if it solved your problem. –  Natan R. Aug 8 '12 at 11:02
I'm unable to upvote but the answer is accepted. Thank you! –  Nick Triantafillou Aug 8 '12 at 11:04

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