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I'm trying to integrate google calendar in my php application. I'm using Zend framework. I managed to add and retrieve events. But deleting events is not working for me. Here is my code (which I copied from a tutorial on IBM )

// load classes
require_once 'Zend/Loader.php';

// connect to service    
$gcal = Zend_Gdata_Calendar::AUTH_SERVICE_NAME;
$user = "username@gmail.com";
$pass = "pass";
$client = Zend_Gdata_ClientLogin::getHttpClient($user, $pass, $gcal);
echo 'I m connected ';
$gcal = new Zend_Gdata_Calendar($client);    

// retrieve event
// delete event
try {   

  $event = $gcal->getCalendarEventEntry('http://www.google.com/calendar/
echo 'eventUrl got';
echo 'deleted';
} catch (Zend_Gdata_App_Exception $e) {
  echo "Error: " . $e->getResponse();
echo 'Event successfully deleted!';  

Events are not deleted.'eventUrl got' is not printed and the exception isn't caught ! I replaced the xxxxxxx in the getCalendarEventEntry with the cookie that I found in my google calendar (calendar -> settings >URL adress of the calendar-> XML)
What am I doing wrong ? Thank you for your help

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try adding a second catch for general exceptions, there may be a non Zend_Gdata_App_Exception being thrown. –  thelastshadow Aug 29 '12 at 14:33

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