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Given a file like this:

'declare a string variable
Dim s as string

For x = 1 to 10
 ' add Hello to string
End for

I need a regex to strip out all the comments in the code:

Regex would return:

'declare a string variable
' add Hello to string

Note that there may be whitespace before the quote and after the quote.

If it makes a difference I am intending to run this through grep to get all comments from a bunch of *.vb files.

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search for this


^ means at the beginning of the line \s* means to match as much space as possible (optionally no space) ' is the comment that you're looking for

and match any lines that match that regex, and you can splice out all of the comments

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Ah duh. I didn't have the multiline option switched on in RegExr. Thanks. – general exception Aug 8 '12 at 11:34

To match a ' at the beginning ^ of a line, use:

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