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How do I implement Close (or exit) function when the ESC key is pressed in a form application in C++ builder?

Also, note that the form will have a number of components; it can't be only an empty form. I tried to use this code but it doesn't work every time I press ESC.

void __fastcall TForm1::FormKeyPress(TObject *Sender, System::WideChar &Key) {
if (Key == VK_ESCAPE) {

The code above doesn't work because focus is not always on the form and, if you have more components like EditBox, you have to disable VK_ESCAPE on every event and reference the desired function (which is, of course, a weak solution).

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Using the TForm::KeyPreview property and TForm::OnKeyPress event is the best approach, but an alternativve would be to put a hidden TButton on the form and set its Cancel property to true, then you can call Close() in its OnClick event.

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Set the KeyPreview property of the Form to true. This way, keyboard events occur on the form, before the active control.

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