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I am having an issue attempting to set the height of a div with jQuery based on the height of the div sitting next to it. Basically, I have two divs and I want them both to be the same height. The left div will change in height and has no height element set in the CSS/HTML. The right div can also change height, but the left one will always be bigger.

This is my attempt below at setting the right one (#p_window) to the same as .c_content_right. (Ignore the strange naming conventions)

if ($('.c_content_right').length) {        
        if ($('.c_content_right').height() > $('#p_window').height()) {
            $('#p_window').css('height', $('.c_content_right').height() + 'px');    

Here is a jsFiddle Demo

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P.S: you're missing the jQuery library in your jsFiddle demo, but anyway: – Roko C. Buljan Aug 8 '12 at 11:05
Seems like the height values are the same... need more checking... EDIT: someone beat me to the answer. – cheeze Aug 8 '12 at 11:09
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jsFiddle demo

If you have paddings, to calculate the total height use: outerHeight():

  var catH = $('.category_content_right').outerHeight();

  if ( catH  > $('#product_window').height() ){
      $('#product_window').height( catH  );    
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Here's a working fiddle based on yours.

  • Your fiddle wasn't set to jQuery.
  • I get confused in jQuery while adding CSS, if I don't just set the variables outside it, because there are several syntaxes you can use, and I always get caught up.
  • If your edits don't work, then add an alert inside the 'if' loop, to see if you got that far.
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