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In Emacs I frequently use math symbols when I write my theory summaries of math textbooks. I use org-mode to structure information and I know about at least two methods of entering special symbols:

  1. Using embedded LaTeX: enter its representation in the form \land then press C-c C-x \ (org-toggle-pretty-entities) to view it literally;
  2. Using C-x 8 RET (insert-char).

I want it however to behave the following way: I enter the LaTeX representation, and it is automatically converted into the physical Unicode form (abbrev?). Is there a package for that and if not, what elisp should I write to implement this behavior?

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M-x set-input-method RET TeX sounds like what you want.

View available symbols by executing M-x describe-input-method RET TeX (or its binding C-h I).

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How can I make it the default for all my buffers? I tried (set-input-method 'TeX) in my .emacs file, but this only affects the *scratch* buffer. I have to set it explicitly on each file found later. – A Sz Apr 7 '14 at 7:03

There's also latex-pretty-symbols, which may be a bit less finnicky.

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