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I have 15 sheets that use the same template, for 15 different users.

I would like to make a query on all the sheets, and display the result in a separate sheet:

=QUERY(Mona!A3:U300; "select A, D where C != ''")

Where Mona is the name of 1 of the 15 sheets.

So what i need is to make this QUERY on all the sheets and show the result. The columns (A,D) should only occour once.

How can i accomplish this?

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This doesn't solve the merge part of your problem, but an efficient way of querying all the sheets is:

=QUERY(Indirect(A1); "select A, D where C != ''")

where cell A1 has the text value Mona!A3:U300 (formatting fixed in response to comment)

With this method you can list the different sheet names in cells and have a lookup for each one.

It might be possible to use an ArrayFormula to combine the queries into one formula, though I'm not sure how well query would work for this - using either Sumproduct or Filter to look up values using multiple criteria might work better.

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That's not a valid query, you have the second line outside the brackets and quotes –  Orwellophile Jul 16 '14 at 6:07

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