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I have input type="text" and image button and I want input to fill tabe cell. I use the solution from Style input element to fill remaining width of its container, but I have problem with vertical alignment of both elements. I need to have the center of the elements on the same height. HTML:

<table border="1" >    
      <div style="width:200px">hhhh
    <td >
      <div style='width:100%;display:table'>        
        <INPUT type='text' class='txt' ID='A12x1' NAME='A12x1'   />
        <input style='display: table-cell;' type='image' class='btn' src='http://myimages.bravenet.com/109/910/420/9/Arrow.png'/>


{ BORDER: silver 1px solid;  
  display: table-cell;

.btn{ cursor: pointer;
       width: 18px;
    height: 26px;
    vertical-align: middle;


I have tried various combintions of alignment, on the second place <img>, <span> or <div> with background image with no success. The best solution was to include both elements in <div>s (display: table-cell), but this solution broke filling the width in chrome.

The second problem is to achieve the same height of the input and the button.

I need compatibility ie8+, ff, saf (chrome).
Note: the image is an example found in the web.

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Check this

Horizontal Align


{ BORDER: silver 1px solid;  
  display: table-cell;

Vertical Align


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width:100%; is what I need on the input text. I is necessary to fill container cell. –  IvanH Aug 8 '12 at 12:04

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