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  • Installed ASP.NET MVC
  • Created Project
  • About 2 minutes into project (not even running / building / debugging)
  • Visual Studio 2008 will no longer take focus from the mouse.
  • Click on visual studio - seems like there is a modal open somewhere.
  • Windows + D... no modal
  • Can't see VS2008 in alt tab
  • Only way to get it back is task manager.
  • Happens with multiple solutions / projects...alawys ASP.NET MVC
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Here is a link to another related post that may be of use.


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I really really hate to ask this, but did you try rebooting?

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I'd try this:

  1. Press Alt + Space
  2. If you see a menu appear that has Move as an option, select Move
  3. Press any arrow key
  4. Move your mouse around.
  5. Hopefully a modal dialog will appear.
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good idea, but no dice - ugh note: it wont let me right click on the Visual Studio instance in the application bar. Also it doesnt appear any other apps are running... –  Skawful Jul 27 '09 at 4:35

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