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i have many searched on google for this from last 3 days got many solution but not efficient works for small databases ;

like below

 SELECT title FROM word o
FROM wp_posts c
WHERE c.post_title = o.title) 

Please provide me an efficient solution so that searching becomes fast just like dictionary websites.

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Unfortunately MySQL doesn't support EXCEPT syntax, so I use LEFT JOIN here:

SELECT title
FROM word o

/* try joining a wp_post based on title */
LEFT JOIN wp_posts c
       ON c.post_title = o.title

/* LEFT JOIN couldn't join anything? Good for us: */
WHERE c.ID IS NULL /* you can use any NOT NULL field here, not just ID */
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SELECT    title 
FROM      word 


SELECT    post_title 
FROM      wp_posts 

If that works depends on the DBMS you are using, though...

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You should check the join, might be it can help you

SELECT title FROM word o 
INNER JOIN wp_posts wp
ON p.title <> wp.post_title
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That joins all records in word with all records in wp_posts that have a different title... Does something completely different than the original query (and is SLOW!). –  Maximilian Mayerl Aug 8 '12 at 12:44

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