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I have a datepicker setup as inline. The idea I have is the selected days and when you hover over a tooltip pops up and shows the title of the events.

The issue I am having is when skipping to the next month, the hover stops working, and when I click back the ones on the default (current) month do not work either.

In the example http://jsfiddle.net/welovedesign/rn67L/ there are events on the 1st and 11th of August and the 11th of September

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When the calendar is created, only the dates for the current month are rendered. This is why when you click to another month that therre is no div appearing when you hover over a date with an event.

In the onChangeMonthYear event you'll need to create your div for a date where there is an event and associate it with the appropiate date (as you are doing in the beforeShowDay event).

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