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Well the title is self explanatory. What will be the python code equivalent to running git reset --hard (on terminal) using GitPython module?

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I searched for reset in the documentation and found this:

class git.refs.head.HEAD(repo, path='HEAD')

reset(commit='HEAD', index=True, working_tree=False, paths=None, **kwargs)

Reset our HEAD to the given commit optionally synchronizing the index and working tree. The reference we refer to will be set to commit as well.

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You can use:

repo = git.Repo('c:/SomeRepo')

Or if you need to reset to a specific branch:


Or in my case, if you want to just hard update a repo to origin/master (warning, this will nuke your current changes):

# blast any current changes
# ensure master is checked out
# blast any changes there (only if it wasn't checked out)
# remove any extra non-tracked files (.pyc, etc)
# pull in the changes from from the remote
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