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i have following situation: a powershell script with this variables:

$RUBY = "C:\installing\ruby\bin\ruby.exe"
$ARGS = "C:\files\sript.rb $Arg1 $Arg2 $Arg3"

in a batch file i can write


and it works.

but how can i do this in powershell?

It is important that the ruby installing path is variable.

I tried it with Start-Process but only ruby.exe was started, without script.

Any hints?


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Have you tried $RUBY $ARGS ? –  Cole9350 Aug 8 '12 at 20:26

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First, $args is an automatic variable managed by PowerShell, so I would avoid trying to declare your own variable with the same name.

To invoke a command stored in a variable from PowerShell, you can use the call operator &:

& $ruby 'script.rb'

If you need to build up the list of arguments, I would recommend creating an array, instead of mashing them all together into a single string:

$rubyArgs = @('C:\files\script.rb', $Arg1, $Arg2, $Arg3)
& $ruby $rubyArgs

If you need to pass more complicated arguments, you may find this answer useful.

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