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If I have a URL with query parameters, is it valid to "escape" the & query parameter delimiter?


<a href="/foo.html?cat=meow&dog=woof">go</a>


<a href="/foo.html?cat=meow&amp;dog=woof">go</a>

RFC 2396 clearly states that use of "&" is proper, but i cant find anything on the (in)validity of using escaped versions of the reserved characters.

One thing i noticed is Chrome seems to forgive them when clicking on the link in the browser, however when i view source of the page, and click on the link (/foo.html?cat=meow&dog=woof) from the view-source view, it doesn't work.

I'd love to know if there is any spec/section i can point to that says "only use & and dont use & or %26 (which is & URL encoded).

(Note: this question arises as I started working w a code base that structures their URLs in this fashion, I would personally use '&')

RCF 2396:


Correct - the actual URL that the server writes to the page is: < a href="/foo.html?cat=meow&dog=woof" >go< /a > .. is there a spec that speaks to the validity of using & as a query param delimiter? Im not looking for "what works mostly" in browsers, but what is the correct way(s) to delimit query params.

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The escaping is happening in HTML - when you click on such a link, the browser will treat &amp; as &.

To encode & on the URL you can percent encode it to %26.

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See UPDATE 1 in Question – empire29 Aug 8 '12 at 14:33

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