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Is there an equivalent of apache's ProxyRemote directive for NginX?

So the scenario is I am behind a corporate proxy and I want to do proxy passes for various services with NginX. I would do it in Apache with the following:

ProxyPass /localStackOverflow/ http://stackoverflow.com/

ProxyPassReverse /localStackOverflow/ http://stackoverflow.com/

ProxyRemote http://stackoverflow.com/ http://(my corporate proxy IP)

I know I need the proxy_pass directive in NginX but can't find what I would use for the ProxyRemote.


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The servers you proxy behind an Nginx front-end web server are referred to as upstream servers. You will want to refer to the documentation for the HttpUpstreamModule. It's very similair to what you are familiar with. If you don't need load-balancing, you just setup the one upstream server in the configuration and it will serve your purpose.

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