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I have one properties file of the follwoing format (Say name of the file is


Now I want to develop a script which changes a particular value in the properties file and create a new file. The script should take propertyName and newValue of the property as command line arguments.

changePropertyValue.ksh group1.value3 GoodBye

The result file (say should look like this


For doing this I have written these line of codes in changePropertyValue.ksh


echo "" > $new_properties

cat $old_properties |  awk 'BEGIN{ FS="=";OFS="=" } {if($1=="$property_name") $2="$new_value"; print $0;}' >> $new_properties

I am launching this

changePropertyValue.ksh group1.value3 GoodBye 

and now when I do grep on newProperties file I am getting old value i.e

grep group1.value3

At the same time if I launch the awk command directly on command line its working fine i.e if I launch this

cat |  awk 'BEGIN{ FS="=";OFS="=" } {if($1=="group1.value3") $2="GoodBye"; print $0;}' | grep group1.value3

output is :-

Can anybody please tell me what I am doing wrong while writing the script.


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The single quotes around the awk program (awk 'BEGIN...') prevent the expansion of $property_name. Change your awk invocation to this:

cat $old_properties |  awk "BEGIN{ FS=\"=\";OFS=\"=\" } {if(\$1==\"$property_name\") \$2=\"$new_value\"; print \$0;}" >> $new_properties

Note that the outer single quotes have been replaced with double quotes, and all the original double quotes have been escaped with \.

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I have syntax error in this case :( – vikas ramnani Aug 8 '12 at 13:48
Ooops... forgot - you'll also need to put a '\' in front of the $ for $0, $1 and $2 (but not $property_name). Edited answer... – twalberg Aug 8 '12 at 13:54
Wow !! It worked thank you very much :) I can not up your answer as I dont have 15 points yet...but thanks a lot !! – vikas ramnani Aug 8 '12 at 14:00
you can 'accept' the answer to give twalberg 15 points. That is different that an upvote. Look at FAQ for info on how to accept. Good luck to all. – shellter Aug 8 '12 at 14:20
This can be improved by using awk's -v option to pass the shell variable, rather than interpolating the awk command and putting escapes everywhere. – jordanm Aug 8 '12 at 14:21

Another alternative is to pass the value of $property_name as a variable to awk:

awk 'BEGIN{ FS="=";OFS="=" } {if($1==pname) $2=newval; print $0;}' pname="$property_name" newval="$new_value" $old_properties >> $new_properties
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