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I have developed a facebook app using fbgraph, rails 3 and facebook graph api. I want to to include few of my facebook friends in the game(app) and when I finish playing the game, I want to send notification to all those friends or want to post on their wall. Important thing is that those friend of mine are not registered to my app. I know many applications do that easily but sadly I am not able to do that. Pls help.

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Have you tried for fetching friends? Basically along the lines of:

facebook_user = FbGraph::User.fetch(user.facebook_identifier, :access_token => user.facebook_access_token)
friends = facebook_user.fetch.friends

Also, make sure you have the correct API permissions for retrieving friends lists (should be read_friendlists permission).

Once you have the friends data, use their IDs to get their user objects and target the feed! posting statements, for writing on their walls. Be careful not to spam them, though; that wouldn't look good for your app.

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