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Favorite (G)Vim plugins/scripts?

I mostly do front end development and I'm wondering what sort of plugins others have grown accustomed do, that has helped them in their career. I'd greatly appreciate ones related to editing say xml/html markup, plugin to jump back and forth between start/end tags, maybe automatically close a tag, but any features in general are welcome. Shoot!

And if it's not too much if you do mention a plugin mind linking to it?

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I mostly use the stuff that VIM is bundled with. Does syntax highlighting, and the highlighting output to html script count?

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I like this one

The "Tag List" plugin is a source code browser for the Vim editor. It provides an overview of the structure of source code files and allows you to efficiently browse through source code files in different programming languages

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TagList and Project are the two plugins I use more than any other. NerdTree is nice too.

I just looked through what I've installed and don't see anything related to HTML. I find that Vim out of the box handles most of my use cases. Take a look at these tips on the wiki to see if they address your needs:

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If you are working with tags a lot, you definitely need surround.vim( In fact, read this excellent series of articles on how to use it:

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