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I have recently read about the 3 tier architecture, and i would like to know how to apply it in developing Desktop Applications using WPF and C#.
any reference to external articles or resources is appreciated.

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Have you tried googling "3 tier architecture .NET"? There are enough responses there for you to find something useful. –  Matt Jones Aug 8 '12 at 13:46

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"3-tier architecture in WPF" instantly makes me answer you "MVVM - Model View View-Model"

This quick start tutorial can help you getting started with it.

I highly recommend working in MVVM with WPF anyway. I'd even say that, using WPF without working in MVVM does not make a lot of sense imho

You also have a more strict framework named PRISM, google it if you want

Anyway, for MVVM, a lot more anwers are listed in:

this thread

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