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While playing with classloaders i got the following exception:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException: xxx.Singleton cannot be cast to xxx.Singleton

Does this mean that an instance from a classloader is not castable to an class of another classloader?

Check my code where i'm able to instanciate 3 singletons thanks to classloaders, even with the "" security.

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
        URL basePath = new URL("file:/myMavenPath/target/classes/");

    Object instance = getClassInstance(Singleton.class);
    Object instance2 = getClassInstance(
            new URLClassLoader( new URL[]{basePath} , null )
    Object instance3 = getClassInstance(
            new URLClassLoader( new URL[]{basePath} , null )

    // Only the 1st cast is ok
    Singleton testCast1 = (Singleton) instance;
    System.out.println("1st cast ok");
    Singleton testCast2 = (Singleton) instance2;
    System.out.println("2nd cast ok");
    Singleton testCast3 = (Singleton) instance3;
    System.out.println("3rd cast ok");

private static Object getClassInstance(Class clazz) throws Exception {
    Method method = clazz.getMethod("getInstance");
    return method.invoke(null);

class Singleton {

    private static final Singleton INSTANCE = new Singleton();

    public static Singleton getInstance() {
        return INSTANCE;

    private Singleton() {
        Exception e = new Exception();
        StackTraceElement[] stackTrace = e.getStackTrace();
        if (!"<clinit>".equals(stackTrace[1].getMethodName())) {
            throw new IllegalStateException("You shall not instanciate the Singleton twice !",e);

    public void sayHello() {
        System.out.println("Hello World ! " + this);

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You cannot cast between class loaders. Class identity is composed of fully qualified name and the class loader. Check class identity crysis here.

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Yes, you are correct.

This often happens in OSGi projects, because of bad dependency management.

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That's exactly the case. You can't use casting between classes loaded by different classloaders.

This question, "Cast across classloader" may make things clearer...

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