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i'm using this calendar http://dansnetwork.com/mootools/events-calendar/usage/. I can't understand how can i start this calendar for next month, if current month is august, i want to start it for september.

What i've tried:

    var date = new Date();
    var d = date.getDate();
    var m = new Date(date.getMonth() +1 );
    var y = date.getFullYear();

      editable: true,
      events: [
          title: 'All Day Event',
          start: new Date(y, m, 1)

but it does not work.


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Looking at the source it doesn't seem like there is an option to explicitly set which month to show initially. There is however the newDate option which allows you to set the initial selected date, which I'm guessing would work as far as showing the month you want.

http://dansnetwork.com/mootools/events-calendar/source/ (line 22)

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