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Please suggest me an offline tool for Docbook->Pdf conversion. The docbook document contains a lot of tables(which can't be rendered correctly to pdf with Apache FOP based tools. The message "table layout auto isn't implemented" is appeared and (as result I think) some tables has text in columns overlapped).

I've found quite useful tool http://docbookpublishing.com/ but it works only online.

docbook2pdf won't convert, with message appeared("jade:/usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets/print/dbtable.dsl:372:10:E: 1st argument for primitive "string->number" of wrong type: "#f" not a string") which is hard to understand without deep investigation.

Haskell pandoc tool, was tested also but I didn't understand the actual function of this tool(as I understood it only converts Docbook->latex and than pdflatex used). Document converted with pandoc looks odd(pages order is changed, table of contents is missed) and has worse rendered quality than others. I didn't find quick way to customize it.

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The engine behind docbookpublishing.com is XEP. There are free versions available for non-commercial use. XEP Desktop costs $360. –  mzjn Aug 8 '12 at 18:12
You can customize the appearance of pandoc's PDF output by using a custom latex template -- see pandoc documentation for details. Generate a default template using pandoc -D latex > my.latex, then modify the template and use it with the --template my.latex option. Pandoc's docbook reader is not complete, and in any case some information will be lost, as pandoc's internal format is less expressive than docbook. Note that you can get an automatic table of contents using the --toc option; that is why the docbook table of contents is skipped. –  John MacFarlane Aug 8 '12 at 21:56
There's also dblatex... but from what you're saying, you are looking at a somewhat broken DocBook input, and no kind of converter works well with that. –  DevSolar Feb 3 at 9:47

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