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I want to read values from Properties file as a range of values. My Task is, calculating result based on points gained. for example,points are,

<100 : some result.
101 - 110 : Some result.
111 - 120 : Some result.
121 - 130 : some result.
991 - 1000 : some result.
>1000 : some result.

Is any way of storing and getting result from Properties file instead of placing [key,value] pair from 1 to 1000, because i may get float values also? should i have to write if else statements for all possible conditions?

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I would use an Array

String[] results = "<100,<100,<100,<100,<100,<100,<100,<100,<100,<100,result101-110,result111-120, etc".split(",");

String result = results[(value-1)/10];

Or you can use a NavigableMap if the ranges vary

NavigableMap<Double, String> map = ...
String result = map.higherEntry(value).getValue();

In which case the format could be upper-limit result

100 some result.
110 Some result.
120 Some result.
130 some result.
1000 Some result.
Infinity some result.
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Thank you very much, this solution saved my if-else coding time and makes my project as a generic. –  Ayyappak Aug 10 '12 at 5:12

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