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I have found a lot of answers into how to duplicate a row. It is easy enough, however I haven't seem to have found any examples like what I am looking for. I need to duplicate parts of a row, and add some new data as well.

So duplicating a row:

Insert Into TableName (user, course,title) 
Select user, 11 From TableName Where course=6;

How would I duplicate the row, and add my own information to title? Would I put a comma after the select statement?

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You can do it the same way you are modifying information for the course - just provide a hard-coded value:

Insert Into TableName (user, course, title)
Select user, 11, 'My New Title' From TableName Where course=6;

It doesn't matter that the data doesn't come from TableName, so long as a value is provided for the field title that you're inserting into.

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This worked great, thanks! I was afraid since it was within a select statement it wouldn't be passing information – TomC Aug 8 '12 at 17:45

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